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.NET Developer
Service Engineer
Web Designer

Hi, I'm Mathias, a year old applied computer science bachelor.
From an early age I knew what I would like to do when I was older: a developer (of games first, but hey... you don't always get what you want).

I'm currently employed at Rhea NV, which is part of Cronos as a .NET Developer and Service Engineer. From time to time I build websites for my family & friends.

Mainly using this website to test frameworks/templates and the likes.

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Mathias De Rijke

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Work Experience

  • .NET Developer & Service Engineer
    @ Rhea NV. (Cronos)

    Custom .NET application developer at Rhea NV.
    Service Engineer (after production maintenance) for the applications we develop at Rhea NV.

  • Web Designer

    Creating websites from time to time for family & friends, pretty basic sites mostly.
    Testing out new technologies/frameworks.

  • Internship
    @ Rhea NV. (Cronos)
    09/2011 - 12/2011

    Creating the inhouse app/website that is being used for the management of the services that Rhea provides. Used technologies:
    - Vidyano 3.x (Rapid Application Framework created by 2Sky, daughter firm of Rhea).
    - C# & WPF


  • Artesis Hogeschool Antwerpen

    Applied Computer Science
    - Bachelor with honor

  • K.A. Sint-Niklaas

    Applied Computer Science (secondary school)


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Some Apartment in Antwerp, Belgium

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Send me an email if you really need my mobile.

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Don't be shy, I am just an email away.